Camping Tents for Sale

April 22, 2014

If you love camping outdoors and are considering a tent, you cannot go wrong with a Yellowstone Matterhorn, and this is for several reasons. When it comes to choosing pop up tents for sale
, you want something that offers convenience of transportation, that is waterproof and that spacious enough for you to be comfortable. Yellowstone Matterhorn scores lots of points in all these categories and that’s why so many people love it. To be more precise, let’s look at its features one by one so that you can understand what makes this tent so special.

1. It is light

This tent is so light that whether you are hiking or cycling, you will not feel much additional weight from your backpack. At only 1.5 Kg, it is one of the lightest tents in the market.

2. It packs into a handy size

The last thing you want when you are out camping is a tent that adds to the bulk of your luggage. This tent packs into a small size (48x11x11 cm) that will fit in the average backpack.

3. It is roomy

The Yellowstone Matterhorn provides enough room for tall people to rest comfortably. According to tent reviews, users as tall as 6’4 fit without any problems. In another review, a user was able to fit in it comfortably along with his 70 liter backpack.

4. It pitches inner first

The Yellowstone Matterhorn allows you to shelter in a cool bug-free environment. If you are into weekend trips that don’t require you to cook, this is a perfect feature; in just a few minutes, you have a space that’s well sheltered and you quickly get to rest.

5. It comes with pre-attached guylines as well as an integral ground sheet

This allows for fast pitching. It also means that you don’t get to carry around bits and pieces of tent which only add to both weight and bulk of your luggage. The groundsheet is designed to be comfortable and dry and you will be quite comfortable on it even without your sleeping mat.

6. It is fire retardant

More than anything, especially if you plan to have bonfires in the evenings, you want to have a tent that is designed to resist fire. With the Yellowstone Matterhorn, you can rest assured that you are safe from stray flames.

7. It is also waterproof

This tent is designed using waterproof PU coating (2000HH). This makes it perfect when there are light rains. Be aware however that it will not give you much protection during heavy rains accompanied by strong winds.

8. It is made of breathable polyester

You know that suffocating feeling you get with many other tent brands? This tent is made of fabric that makes it breathable and airy. It is also made to stay cool in hot weather.

9. It is affordable

If you don’t have lots of money to spend on camping equipment, this tent is perfect for you. It retails for between £30 and £40 pounds; other tents that have the same features go for more than that.

Is there anything not to like about this tent?

It gets a user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars so you can be sure that this tent is worth your money. If you feel that you need more space than is offered by the Yellowstone Matterhorn, you can buy a two man tent of the same brand.

Still not convinced that this is the tent for you? Don’t take our word for it; go online and have a look at what other tent reviews are saying. You will find that the Yellowstone Matterhorn is a winner.

Use emu oil today for healthier and clearer skin

January 12, 2014

Emu oil is one of those natural wonders: something that a select few people know about, but not something known to the masses. This luxurious oil provides a range of stunning benefits, all of which will help you look healthier and younger. The oil contains an entire range of vitamins and nutrients, all of which are beneficial to the skin and the health of the skin in general. Something that you should look out for – when assessing the quality of oil from emus – is the shelf life of products. If a product has been sitting around on shelves for months on end, then the internal components may not be viable any longer. You should always do research into the products and ingredients before parting with cash.

Skin care companies know for a fact that emu oil contains numerous benefits to skin and hair health, and are taking steps to use it in their own products. Products that contain oil from emus do deliver results – that is undeniable. The results speak for themselves. You will find that it contains vitamin E, which is highly useful when combating skin imperfections and problems. This is the best vitamin you can get when it comes to skin repair and appearance.

If you require additional information on emu oil, or want to investigate a specific product, then look out for reviews online. You will be able to find numerous reviews on the Internet, which contains a wealth of information for you to use and assess. Using oil from emus directly or even a product that contains it will be the best decision you have made.