The advantages of 12V Heating Systems

In this age of low voltage living, having 12 voltage heaters for the house is the best investment you will ever make. Besides the direct cut on monthly utility bills, there are plenty other advantages to be gained from low voltage heaters. If you haven’t installed them already, here are some good reason why this is not a bad idea.

Low Power Consumption

12 voltage heaters for the house consume less power hence fewer electric bills to worry about. Power consumption can be as low as 20 amp at the minimum and about 45 amp on the maximum. This means you can comfortably continue heating a cold house or enjoy a warm shower and still save on electricity. It is estimated that you can save 25% to 75% of the amount of power you currently consume in your home. Additionally, the 12 volt heater will still operate at its optimum level even when consuming less power.

Tap Into Free Power Supplies

No one will ever charge you for solar power consumption, and it is readily available whenever you need it. You just need some money aside for buying the solar panel heaters and enjoy hot water all through.

Less Shock Hazards

Electricity is consumed in fewer quantities thus you don’t have to worry about surges characteristic of high voltage units. Additionally, 12 voltage heaters for the house will also eliminate wasted loads; these are common with high voltage units when the current flowing is higher than what the heater requires thus a lot of it is lost in the form of heat.

Don’t Rely Entirely on Alternating Current

You can still enjoy hot showers even when there is a power blackout in the house. This is because 12 voltage heaters for the house use direct current from batteries to heat up. Your only concern here will be to invest in quality battery storage to ensure you don’t run out of power fast. Ensure you have heavy duty batteries than can achieve deep cycles for the most efficient heating purposes.

There are plenty of other advantages to achieve from portable 12v heater units for the house. However, going for this low voltage solution will require a revamp of your home electric system to comfortably accommodate the 12 volt appliances. You may also be required to invest in a step down converter in case you aim to continue using your mains electricity supply. Wiring infrastructure will also need to change to better quality wires that can comfortably carry low voltage and allow the heater to function normally.

Investing in 12 voltage heaters for the house is a good decision towards enjoying lower utility rates. You must however calculate how much will go into restructuring and maintaining your new circuit systems to ensure that the heaters always function above par.

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